The Greensbrothers make music like distilling moonshine in a top hat. This sextet blends crystal clear melodic improvisation in a dirty copper still of greasy deep- pocket polyrhythms, creating a flavor that is unforgettable, complex and burns like hell. They ferment their musical mash and cook up musical firewater served in a blend of songs intoxicatingly familiar, yet never quite the same.

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Jason Blalock, Bob Worrells, Tom Royal, Jeff Yetter, Manny Carrasco and Justin Horth, aka The Greensbrothers, got together when Folkswaggin’ alums Bob and Jason were asked to play the first Lonely Goat Family Reunion at Hodgins Valley Farm, the site of many Smilefest concerts in the 1990’s. This could easily have become a nostalgia act, spewing the same old songs the same old way. But this group never does things the easy way. And one of the joys they each find in making music is the exploration to find the new.

Bob, Tom, and Justin had been in an Americana group called The Radials and gelled over several years of playing. Jeff, having spent his time honing his funk chops in the band doby, was a natural fit for this project. Jason took a break after Folkswaggin’ to raise his family but never stopped singing and playing. The Greensbrothers have been gathering every Thursday for several years. Each jam session is an adventure in potential, and each show an event. Nothing is off limits within the vastness of each player’s songbook. Whether it’s a cover song or an original, their influences and sounds come from the likes of The Allman Brothers Band, Elvis, Van Morrison, The Grateful Dead, Booker T & The MGs, John Prine, Donovan, The Band, Bill Monroe, The Velvet Underground, The Meters, Bob Dylan, Steely Dan, The Talking Heads, Dire Straits, and many, many, many more.